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thinkin about youu  / Claire (friend)  Read >>
thinkin about youu  / Claire (friend)
hiiii bri!!! i saww a few kids playing hockey the other day and it made me think of the time we were scrimaging and you would always set me up for a goal, miss you youll always be my role model Close
Heaven / Rachel Wetzel   Read >>
Heaven / Rachel Wetzel
Hey Breezy! Just thinking of you this morning and wanted to say hello :) hope you're having fun in heaven. I've been so stressed out with school and i smiled to myself the other day thinking of you because you were always so bright and responsible with your school work. sometimes i wonder where you would be today, what awesome college you would have gotten into..all the smiles you would have brought to the faces of new friends. I'm not sad because i know you are happy up there with the angels but sometimes i just miss you down here :) anyway hope you're enjoying your wings haha they must be useful on the soccer field ;) love and miss you! see you soon love, rach Close
still missing you  / Robin Fetterolf (best friend )  Read >>
still missing you  / Robin Fetterolf (best friend )
I think about you and miss you all the time still and will never not. I sometimes dont know what to do with myself but write here. I will love you forever. Close
Thinking of You  / Alex Campbell (friend)  Read >>
Thinking of You  / Alex Campbell (friend)
Thinking of you- you would be proud with the field. It's going to be beautiful. I don't really have much to say I never really do. I just wanted to say I love you and I'm still thinking about you <3 Close
Thinking of you  / Friend   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Friend
I was thinking of you today Bri. You're such an amazing person and will be forever loved and missed. Close
happy birthday!!  / Olivia (friend)  Read >>
happy birthday!!  / Olivia (friend)
happy birthdayy breezy! miss you every day<3 forever in our hearts Close
Just wanted to let you know...  / Rafi Rodriguez (cousin)  Read >>
Just wanted to let you know...  / Rafi Rodriguez (cousin)
i still think about you every day bri. i miss you so much. Close
wish my son had met u  / Miichelle Gonzalez (passerby)  Read >>
wish my son had met u  / Miichelle Gonzalez (passerby)

Hi Brianna:

        My sonDarrenwas born in 1991.He graduated high school Mei of 2009.I look at him and think but u were just a babythat's was not supposed to happen!We as parents can not even think of loosing a childwe always think we will go before.Ur parents are very courageous people.I think Faith is all that can help us in cases like this.Faith 2 know that Our Lord has a Master planthat everything that happens was already planned by him that way.Brianna in her short lifetouched more people than others do in a lifetime.U r blessed my child and now an angel. Please watch over my sonthis is such a difficult time 4 him.


                                 Fly awayplay with ur angel friendsu r free

and as a child u enter the Kingdom Of God.Much  luv.

                                                            Michelle G

5 years  / Rachel Reymann   Read >>
5 years  / Rachel Reymann
Hey Bri
I can't believe it's been five years since the accident. I still think about you all the time. It's hard to think about how we've all graduated and gone on to school and how you had so much potential you could have done anything you wanted in life and now that has been taken away. It's hard to think that you would have been 18 now and having the time of your life. You are always on my mind when things are a little's hard not having you here.
Anyway i try to come to your website often but today it's been 5 years exactly and it's extremely difficult. I just think about that day when I found out and how painful it was. I miss you Bri just thought you should know I'm still thinking about you.

-Rachel Close
Hey / Leah Deitch (Friend)  Read >>
Hey / Leah Deitch (Friend)
Hey breezy. Its been awhile since ive written on your website. I look at it as much as possible but its hard to write im sure for everyone to write how they feel in jtsu a few sentences. I miss you bri so much. I think about you every day. You’d be 18 now. Id be on the phone with you probably hearing some crazy story for college. You could have gone anywhere you wanted. Im still angry. And I miss you more and more every day. I love you bri and life isn’t the same without you. Close
your always in my heart  / Anonymous   Read >>
your always in my heart  / Anonymous
Bri I think about you all the time and i miss you so much. the time we spent together was priceless u were such a role model for me and ill never forget you. i just wish u were still here so that you could put the same immpression on others as u did to me. u gave me a new way to look at life your laugh and smile still to this day brings tears to my eyes that ur no longer with us but in a better place. years ago i was the first to win your hockey award at the winter club and that night i cryed and cryed but i was so honored to get it and it made me miss you so much though out that night it was so hard to keep the tears back. i love you so much bri you were like an older sister to me and forever will you be in my heart. love C <3 Close
wish you were here  / Rafi Rodriguez (cousin)  Read >>
wish you were here  / Rafi Rodriguez (cousin)
i know i havent been on this website in a long time but i want you to know that i still always think about you. i always think about what would be different if you hadn't left. there'd be more christmas presents under the tree another stocking on the mantle another plate set at thanksgiving another seat taken on the boat an extra person on the tube i just miss your presence in everything. we would be sharing stories about our first year in college and about how we're finally growing up. we were supposed to grow up together and i wish we still could. i know you'll always be with me and you know i'll never forget you. i miss and love you bri. -Rafi Close
happy birthday!  / Jackie K. (soccer teammate )  Read >>
happy birthday!  / Jackie K. (soccer teammate )
happy 18th birthday breezy! i havnt been on this site in a while but i think about you every day. for my college essay i have a write about a person that has had an influence on you and how they changed your life...and i'm writing about you. of course its hard for me but it feels good to remember all the good times we had and it really made me realize how much you have affected me. i live my life differently after meeting you; i always try to look on the bright side of things and keep a smile on my face just like yours. well i just wanted to say hi and let you know that i still think about you all the time. i miss you everyday <3 love you Close
happyyyyy birthdayyyyy!  / Steph Degiorgio (friend)  Read >>
happyyyyy birthdayyyyy!  / Steph Degiorgio (friend)
Heyy briii! I just wanted to say happy birthdayy! I hope your having soo much fun in heaven..we all miss you sososo much! This would be your first year of college and you'd be turing 18 today..its so sad how things turn out. Anyways I hope you have the best day in heaven ever happy birthdayy in peace love you! -steph Close
Happy Birthday  / Olivia Fonti (friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Olivia Fonti (friend)
Happy eighteenth birthday Breezy.  We all love you and miss you lots from down here.  And we are always thinking about you especially as we enter into this new stage in life..Wish you could have been here with us but I know that we all keep you with us in everything we do.  Love you forever. Close
everytime i look above, all i see is green  / Friend Looking At The Green   Read >>
everytime i look above, all i see is green  / Friend Looking At The Green
Today on my campus we have an area called the green and its a massive area of leveled perfect grass. All of the college students sit there and are happy studying chilling and are at peace from the stresses of life. You came to mind when I saw this. The world is certainly not the same place without you angel. Every time we think of you only a smile is pressed against our faces to resemble yours. There was never a time when we talked that you didn't smile and its ironic because writing this I'm smiling and crying! I know your in a better a greater place where paradise is everywhere and everyone is smiling. Rest In Peace angel and keep putting smiles on everyone's faces everyday. Close
come home brianna titcomb.     Read >>
come home brianna titcomb.  
fly high angel Close
wish you were here  / Rafi (cousin)  Read >>
wish you were here  / Rafi (cousin)
so we're all at the lakehouse and were having so much fun. i know youre still here with us out on the lake all day. i got up on a slalom ski for the first time today! i know it because youre with me and you're actually skiing not me. i miss you and wish you were here. i love you bri Close
senior 09 =)  / Steph DeGiorgio (friend)  Read >>
senior 09 =)  / Steph DeGiorgio (friend)
Hey Bri!

Yesterday we got our yearbooks and the first page is dedicated to you, theres pictures and everything! Theres pictures of you and Brett and you and all your friends from when everyone was so little. Then in the back there was a senior page that your parents dedicated to you. They miss you so much Bri, along with Brett, and it shows. They care for you so much and so does everyone else. I can't believe you'd be graduating this year, its crazy how quickly time has gone by. I miss you so much, love you forever.

rest in peace angel.

-Steph Close
Missing You  / RIP BRI (a friend )  Read >>
Missing You  / RIP BRI (a friend )
Bri - I miss you always, think about you constantly and remember you're laugh every day. I love you so and cannot even imagine why this horrible accident ever happened. Now that graduation is coming closer, I think what it would be like if you were still here with us. We would be taking pictures and getting our High school diplomas together. I love and miss you brianna titcomb, you're always in my heart and you're smile is always in my head.. REST IN PEACE <3 Close
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